1. Project Sunrise

    2. Los Angeles California 1974

    3. Flight of the Worlds First Solar Powered Aircraft

    4. by

    5. Roland Boucher

Lift off at 7:00 AM would result in a initial climb rate of 150 feet per minute increasing to 300 FPM by 9:00 AM. Sink speed at a weight of 21.3 pounds at MSL was estimated to  be  48 Feet per minute. this would increase to 336 FPM at the maximum altitude.                                                                      


Sunrise will begin to descend about 4:00PM loosing 10,000 feet of altitude in the first hour. This sink rate will reduce as the air density increases at lower altitudes. Nevertheless Sunrise can remain airborne over a 24 hour period.

( Note: the original calculations made in 1974 were lost, the performance calculations above were made in 2009)